Visit an Evening & Weekend MBA Program Class

Thank you for your interest in Kellogg. To schedule a class visit, select a date on the calendar that fits your schedule and scroll down for course registration. A list of classes by topic can be found below (please note that each course may not be available every week):

Spring 2019 Spotlight Course
Selling Yourself and Your Ideas (KACI-940) Tuesday 6-9pm

Suzanne Muchin

Spring 2019 Class Visits by Topic
Data Analytics

KMCI-940: Data Analytics Decisions (Thursday)

MECN-430: Microeconomic Analysis (Saturday)

KPPI-470: Public Economics for Business Leaders: Federal Policy (Thursday)

FINC-431: Finance II (Tuesday)

FINC-445: Entrepreneurial Finance and Venture Capital (Saturday)

Innovation & Entrepreneurship
KACI-940: Selling Yourself and Your Ideas (Tuesday)
KIEI-967: Launching and Leading Startups (Thursday)

KIEI-966: Entrepreneurial Selling (Saturday)

KACI-467: Perspectives on Leadership (Tuesday)

MORS-430: Leadership in Organizations (Tuesday)
KACI-468: Managerial Leadership (Wednesday)

MKTG-468: Technology Marketing (Tuesday)

MKTG-473: Strategic Brand Management (Tuesday)
MKTG-482: Customer Analytics (Tuesday)

STRT-440: People Analytics and Strategy (Saturday)
Unavailable / Filled
Not Scheduled