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Visit an Evening & Weekend MBA Program Class

Thank you for your interest in Kellogg. To schedule a class visit, select a date on the calendar that fits your schedule and scroll down for course registration. A list of classes by topic can be found below (please note that each course may not be available every week):


Fall 2017 Spotlight Course

International Finance (FINC-470) Tuesdays 6-9pm

Sergio Rebelo
Management of an international business or one exposed to global competition requires knowledge of international financial instruments, markets, and institutions. This course examines these issues from theoretical and applied perspectives.


Fall 2017 Class Visits by Topic


MECN-446: Pricing Strategies (Friday)



FINC-430: Finance I (Monday)

FINC-470: International Finance (Tuesday)

FINC-431: Finance II (Thursday and Saturday)



KACI-930: Leader Development Models and Practices (Monday)

KACI-940: Selling Yourself and Your Ideas (Monday)



MKTG-430: Marketing Management (Tuesday)

HEMA-470: Biomedical Marketing (Wednesday)



STRT-431: Business Strategy (Saturday)

STRT-452: Strategy and Organization (Saturday)


Unavailable / Filled
Not Scheduled